1. Karl Wieser

    UX/UI/Visual Designer

    NOTE: This portfolio site is out of date. Since 2014, I've been working in data and product operations for companies that run mystery shopping missions and independently collect data to measure and benchmark online retailers across the entire service delivery chain, from phone, email, chat and social media support to shipping, returns and usability performance.

    I'm an interaction designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area who has been working with graphical user interfaces since 1996. I have assisted a number of companies in the analysis and design of their interfaces for desktop applications, web-based applications and websites. This work has covered every facet from task analysis, information architecture, and visual design to developing user-interface guidelines documents and planning and conducting usability testing.

    about.me/wieser | LinkedIn
    kwieser@gmail.com | 510-205-0624 | PDF My resume

  2. Pixels and Bits

      • Sales Leaderboard Screen 1
      • Sales Leaderboard Screen 2
      • Sales Leaderboard Screen 3
      • Sales Leaderboard Screen 4
        Optional announcement screen
      Image of

      Wind River Sales Leaderboard

      Designed and developed (HTML/PHP/JavaScript) information displays for sales data (“Sales Leaderboard”), for display on 55″ flat-screens in sales department · 2012

      • EDK website
      • EDK web app, EDK list
      • EDK web app, filtered EDK list
      • EDK web app, request form
      Image of

      Wind River Embedded Development Kit Web App

      Lead development and design of web application with dynamically loaded data, to provide access to embedded development kits (EDKs) · 2011

      • Brand Central, view one
      • Brand Central, view two
      Image of

      Wind River Brand Central

      Designed and built internal “Brand Central” website to provide access to brand assets and usage guidance. A main carousel provides direct access to the top five items to view or download, while a “Brand File Wizard” helped users select the correct logo and color resouces or templates for their project · 2010

      • Bookshelf
      • Bookshelf, List View
      • Community
      • Page View
      • Page View with Search Results
      • Wide Scope Search Results
      • Figure Preview
      • Figure Viewer
      • Figures Viewer
      • Toolbar Button Design
      • Icon Design
      • Some Interface Animations
      Image of


      Provided UI evaluation and revisions for multiple aspects of Fourteen40's Alex Reader/CafeScribe digital textbook reader and collaborative study tool · 2005–2007

      • Access Profiles: Simple Rules with error message
      • Portal: Configure Portal Pages
      • Server Status
      • Portal: Configure Buttons
      • BRoles: Assign Parent
      Image of

      SafeWeb Administration Tool

      Created a survey and review of current user interface for SafeWeb's SEA Tsunami Web-management Interface (a SSL-based VPN appliance enabling companies to extend secure remote access to employees, partners and customers). Revised and updated visual design and built HTML/CSS prototypes for development reference · 2002

      • NexAd Home Page
      • My Vendors List
      • Vendor Details
      • My Campaigns View
      • Campaign Details
      • Details Pop-up
      • Buyers Worksheet
      • Detail: Buyers Worksheet
      • Market Settings Pop-up
      Image of

      URi NexAd

      Revised user interface and visual design for URi's NexAd (a global enterprise software solution that allows advertising agencies to redefine client service and maximize advertising effectiveness); provided HTML prototypes for versions 1.0 and 1.1 · 2002

      • Sitelet, Main Email View
      • Sitelet, Proecss History View
      • Sitelet, Comments View
      • Sitelet, Add Attachment View
      • Sitelet Development Console
      • Sitelet Development Console, Project View
      • Sitelet Development Console, Project Security View
      • Deployment Package Console
      • Deployment Package Console, Sucessful Install
      • Deployment Package Console, Conflicts Detected
      • Peer Point Sitelet Administration Web Application
        Showing fly-out action menu on selected process
      • Peer Point, Search View
      • Peer Point, Settings Pop-up
      Image of

      Consilient, User Experience Team

      Designed and implemented HTML-based user interfaces and prototypes for an Email-based "sitelet" package (the basic workflow unit of the web-based enterprise application platform), the Peer Point sitelet administration web application, the Sitelet Development console, and the Deployment Package console · 2000–2001

      • Demographic Profile
      • Quality of Care Profile
      • Utilization Summary
      • FSA Statement
      Image of


      Provided interaction and information visualization design for CareAssured.com's demo website (a start-up web-based health insurance provider) · 2000

      • InSite Main Screen
      • Transaction Menu
      • Start Form
      • Issue Form
      • Query Results
      Image of


      Participated in development of web client for Camstar's InSite MES application, revising desktop interactions to exist in a web-based browser environment. Lead project to revise web client UI in phase 2 and to create an HTML-based GUI guidelines document for developers · 1999

      • Graphical Air, Main Screen
      • Fare Breakdown Pop-up
      • Seat Maps Utility
      • Interactive Guidelines, Main Menu
      • Interactive Guidelines, Primary Search Controls
      • Interactive Guidelines, Detail View
      Image of

      The Sabre Group

      Assisted with the re-design of Planet Sabre (a travel reservation system for air, car, and hotel booking), which handles 40% of the world's reservations (~400M bookings/year), and with development of Interactive Guidelines for Sabre Graphical Air UI design · 1996–1999

      • Planet Sabre Toolbar Icons
      • Icons for Touch-screen Medical Display, Vitalcom
      • Icons for Wind River Device Management Web Interface
      • Consilient, Offline Mode Diagram
      • Consilient, Sitelet Package Diagram
      • Linux vs. RTOS Comparison, COTS Journal Illustration
      • Kernel Development and Audit Path Diagram, Wind River
      • Broken vs. Optimized Development Paths, Wind River
      • User Improvement Comparison Spider Graphs, Wind River Education
      • VxWorks Kernel Environment Diagram, Wind River
      • Floor Map for ESC, Wind River
      • Detail: Floor Map for ESC, Wind River
      • License Type Icons, Wind River
      • PPP-specific Plug-in Objects Diagram, Wind River
      • Support Diagrams, Wind River
      • Web Services Development Diagram, Wind River
      Image of

      Icons & Illustrations

      Varioius icons and illustrations developed for interface and print projects